An Easy to Use
Interface For Everyone

Stake and Mine
BFIC Every Day

Login to your BFIC Network app every day and start stake-mining session with ease.

Regular logins result in regular rewards and higher BFIC yield. The App will show the time remaining in session expiry so you may keep track of time & utilize maximum yield time. Tap the “Power” button and start earning BFIC coins!

Obtain Statements
for your rewards

The BFIC Network App keeps you informed and updated about your rewards at all times.

You can easily maintain a check and balance over your staking and reward activites. The statements generated can be easily downloaded with a sinlge tap on the Download PDF button.

Chat with your
team members

Invite members and build teams to earn team rewards for mining BFIC.

Use the Team Chat feature to stay connected with your team members at all times to motivate and encourage them. You can interact with any team member who is inactive and ask them to be active and contribute towards team rewards.

Access news &
media portal

Keep yourself updated regarding the latest news and content for BFIC Network & its ecosystem.

The News & Media portal comprises of all the latest videos, blog posts and social media posts regarding the Network. This helps you to learn more about updated features or relevant projects of the ecosystem.


BFICoin is the native cryptocurrency for BFIC Blockchain. BFICoin will not only be a tool to record blockchain transactions, but will act as a decentralized financial medium.

BFIC Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been designed and developed by Innovation Factory, a fintech firm dedicated towards developing innovative decentralized-financial solutions. You can learn more about the firm at: InnovationFactory

Yes, the whitepaper is available. You can access it through the “Whitepaper” tab in the navigation bar or simply use this link: WhitePaper

BFICoins will be initially available on XchangeOn
The coin will soon be listed on other exchanges as well, and updates will be available on your website and social media platforms.

BFICoin has an ever-growing utility-based ecosystem. They can be traded, invested, staked or use as a digital payment method at supported partner platforms and projects. To learn more about BFIC’s utility, please refer to the “Ecosystem” tab in the navigation bar or use the link: Ecosystem
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